Hospital curtains

Accordion model
TST disposable fabric
89€ Free shipping
Delivery 2/3 days
Standard model
Breathable mesh
105€ Free shipping
Delivery 5/7 days
Deluxe model
White, beige or gray
Without breathable mesh
115€ Free shipping
Delivery 5/10 days

Shower Curtains


Curtatex Hospital Curtains

Curtatex hospital curtains, comply with all regulations of preventive fire safety, being certified as M1 and Class1 flame retardants. In addition to complying with fire safety requirements, them comply with current European health regulations thanks to their manufacturing with Bioactive fibers, which give it antibacterial, fungicidal, deodorant and anti mite characteristics. All our Curtatex curtains are approved according to UNE and ISO 9001 standards.

The use of Curtatex curtains is restricted and indicated exclusively for the health sector. Such as hospitals, clinics and outpatients, in addition to physiotherapy among others. It can be used as separation of hospital beds, operating rooms, ICU, observation rooms, drywall and emergency rooms.