DecoratelESPAÑA is the leading manufacturer of fireproof curtains for hospitals

Since 1974 Decoratel has been at the head of the sector as the undisputed leader in the mass production of hospital curtains.

Innovating and developing the fabrics from the raw material itself, in its factory located in Ciempozuelos, and distributed from its logistics warehouses in Seville, Madrid and Barcelona.

Decoratel curtains have all the quality and guarantee certificates for compliance with the different national and European regulations, both in terms of health and fire protection. UNE EN ISO 9001 standards.

In addition to the standard line, Decoratel manufactures unique and exclusive curtains for each client, both in textures, qualities, colors and sizes, adapting to each new project and corporate image of each center.

Whether in the public or private sector, Decoratel is the reference brand in more than 90% of the national territory. And since the incorporation in 2004 of the new logistics center in the United Kingdom, as a shuttle to the rest of the EU countries, with increasing market height not only in Europe, but also in Central America, South America and the United Arab Emirates, representing its exports as of today, almost 70% of its production.

Some of the most representative clients of Decoratel.