OEKO-TEX® is a recognized international certification that guarantees that textiles have been subjected to rigorous controls to ensure that they are free of substances harmful to health.

OEKO-TEX® certification offers a number of benefits to both manufacturers and consumers of fireproof shower curtains:

Health and safety: OEKO-TEX® certified products are free of harmful substances, which guarantees the safety and health protection of users.

Transparency: OEKO-TEX® certification provides clear and transparent information about the quality and safety of the textiles used in its fireproof shower curtains, thus allowing consumers to make informed decisions when making their purchases.

Consumer confidence: The OEKO-TEX® label on a product conveys confidence and peace of mind to the consumer of the shower curtains, as it guarantees that the product has been independently tested and evaluated by laboratories approved by such effect.

Sustainability: OEKO-TEX® also evaluates the environmental impact of textiles, promoting sustainable practices in production and the responsible use of resources.

Legal and regulatory requirements: OEKO-TEX® certification goes beyond the established legal and regulatory requirements, guaranteeing a higher standard of quality and safety, which provides added value to your curtains.